How to Deal with a Pushy Salesman

Many of us absolutely dread the idea of purchasing a car because of the image portrayed on television. A pushy, overbearing, dishonest salesperson is the epitome of the portrayed used car dealer. They are not all that way and though there seem to be more in hard pressed times it is more likely because they are dependent on sales to support their family. They are just trying to do their job but they also must learn that your family is equally dependent on your money and spending it under pressure could hurt you considerably. Below are some easy tactics to help deal with pressuring salespeople whether in a car dealership or elsewhere in life. Use the ones that work best for you.

Bring a friend with you

By bringing an informed friend with you that you know will have your back you can tell the salesperson politely that you are just browsing for now and will get them if you have any questions at all. Ask for their name and repeat it back to them when telling them this.

Be firm and consistent

If after your first polite notification of browsing, tell them politely that you prefer to browse without assistance. If they continue to pester you while looking, let their manager know or simply walk away and find another store or another time to browse.

Research prices and features online

Know what it is you are looking for and what expected price range you should be looking for. If the price seems too good to be true then something is probably wrong and you should be wary.

Keep the upper hand

If the salesperson uses a tactic to rush your decision, immediately tell them that you will think it over, take any paperwork provided and think it over and have your friends help you review the paperwork to see why the hurry. If it is an honest product there should not be any hurry.

Use their bluffs against them

If they try to push something on you saying it is the last one, or that someone else is about to snag the item. Tell them “No thank you.” or “I would not want to take it from someone else, that would not be right.” If they back pedal you know they were bluffing and trying to push the item on you. Besides, would if there really is someone about to buy it, they will thank you for not buying it while they were arranging financing.

Don’t give them your personal information

There is no telling who they will sell this information to or what it will be used for. Also, make sure at least two sets of eyes review any documents before signing them. It is important to check for hidden catches.

Do the unexpected

When a salesperson tries something like “I could get in trouble for this…” or “We won’t make any money on this sale but…” instead of joining in with them on the conspiracy like they hope for, simply reply with “I find it morally objectionable to take advantage of you or your company.” and head for the door.

These methods for dealing with used car dealerships and their salespeople could save you many a headache. Best of luck in your searches, and remember there are plenty of salespeople, feel free to ask for one that is not so pushy.

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