The Best Burger in Alabama

Looking for the best burger in Alabama? It is hard to beat a mouthwatering, melt in your mouth burger. One that has been seasoned and grilled to perfection and topped with flavorful cheese and dressed with your all time favorite fixings. Whether those are crisp lettuce and juicy tomato slices or crunchy pickles and onions, we usually each have our idea of the perfect burger.

Here, we have struggled through our differences of opinion to bring you the most regionally acclaimed burgers we could find in Alabama. To make our top burger list, these burgers had to consistently receive top marks taste test after taste test! This was research we didn't mind doing, these burgers also were liked by the widest palette of tastes. So give our burger list for Alabama a try. If you find a better burger in Alabama let us know and we will make sure to try it out and weigh it against the competitors.

Also, we would love to hear what you think the best burger is to you, what qualities do you think are most essential? Or do you know of a burger joint that is the best kept secret in Alabama and you want to share your love with the nation? We want to hear it, what you have to say is important to us!

  • Panini Pete's

    Panini Pete's

    Fairhope, AL

    Panini Pete's Cafe and Bakeshop in Fairhope, Alabama opened in February 2006 and has been featured on the Food Network's Diners Drive Ins and Dives, as well as Sweet Home Alabama on CMT, and Guys Big Bite. Featuring an interesting array of burgers including La Grand Fromage that boasts four types of cheese including house-made mozzarella. They are also known for their hot beignets. Of course, as the name suggests they also have a healthy variety of panini's on the menu, even a panini burger!

  • Butch Cassidy’s Café

    Butch Cassidy’s Café

    Mobile, AL

    Home of the famous "Butch Burger" Butch Cassidy's Cafe promises to cook your food to order so they can assure the best quality and freshness with the slogan "Robbing a train takes time and preparation and so do our burgers." emblazoned on their website. Though many go for the wings, we of course are after the burgers. They offer all their burgers with the substitute of a salad and broccoli at no additional charge as a low carb substitution. Try the "Soon To Be Famous" Butch Burger, it comes topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, mayo, and 4 pickles.

  • Time to Eat

    Time to Eat

    Theodore, AL

    Self proclaimed: "Mobile's Best Country Cookin" their history is lengthy and shows their efforts, a family owned restraunt. With burgers named after the hours, in tune to their time theme, there are plenty of options for every discerning palate. Whether you are interested in the milder 3-O'clock that offers plenty of American, Swiss, and Cheddar cheese garnished with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Or the more adventurous 12-O'clock which boasts 2 bacon strips, cheddar cheese, baked beans, fried onion rings, ranch dressing, and is garnished with lettuce and tomato. Just don't forget to check out the rest of the menu which includes things like macaroni and cheese nuggets or homemade Alfredo sauce.

  • Callaghan's Irish Social Club

    Callaghan's Irish Social Club

    Mobile, AL

    Approaching infamous, Callaghan's offers a simple menu with regular specials. A '40s pub-turned-restaurant in Mobile, Alabama came up with its signature "L.A. burger" (as in Lower Alabama) to use up leftover sausage from Sunday brunch. Spicy pork sausage, a local favorite made nearby, is mixed with beef and formed into patties then garnished with pepper jack cheese, spicy mustard, and coleslaw; creating an intriguing and popular combination people are known to wait in line for.

  • Big Daddy's Grill

    Big Daddy's Grill

    Fairhope, AL

    With several locations and live music every Friday night and on Saturdays & Sundays seasonally they promise there is never a cover charge. They don't take reservations, it is a first come first serve establishment on fish river in Fairhope, Alabama. Where they aim for a friendly environment "Where everybody knows your name." Their menu has an eclectic mix of seafood, sandwiches, and salads. Of course they made the list for their B.D. Burger covered in swiss, cheddar, bacon, & sauteed onions.

  • Papa Rocco's

    Papa Rocco's

    Gulf Shores, AL

    With a slogan like "The home of warm beer and lousy pizza" might make you wary of going there but they won the 2010 People's Choice Best Pizza award and that says something. This Gulf Shores, Alabama Oyster Bar & Pizzeria also offers up daily specials and of course burgers. Burgers and a challenge with their "Who's Your Daddy Burger" a double deck burger with Swiss and American cheeses, mushrooms and bacon.

  • Lulu's Buffet

    Lulu's Buffet

    Gulf Shores, AL

    A slogan like LuLu's "Where life is good and lunch lasts forever" promises comfort and cheer. Their goal was to be a little place on the water, fish river, to get a cold beer and a good burger. When in 2003 the location had to be changed, they took the entire restaurant by barge to their new location. They offer locally grown grass-fed beef in their "Cheeseburger in Paradise".

  • Oysterella's Seafood Restaurant on the causeway

    Oysterella's Seafood Restaurant on the causeway

    Spanish Fort, AL

    You may wonder why a seafood place is on the list; especially since they have only one burger on the menu for now. The "Oysterella's "LA" Cheese Burger" with a description of "Its Cheese Burger Heaven", fresh ground beed, grilled to order, on a butter griddled bun, topped with American cheese, grilled onions, sliced tomatoes, and thousand island dressing. The description answers those questions aptly without the need to add much else. Sitting on the water's edge with frequent live entertainment.

  • Bahama Bob's

    Bahama Bob's

    Gulf Shores, AL

    "The lower the altitude the better the attitude" their hakuna matataesque phrase intrigues. Bahama Bob's Beach Side Cafe offers a wide selection of appetizers including Pirates Well Alligator Bites, and interesting burgers such as "Bahama Bob's Burger" - "A paradise lovers delight" A 1/2lb burger topped with grilled pineapple, bacon, and double Swiss cheese. For those who aren't pineapple lovers they have burgers that aren't adorned with fruit.

  • Niffer's


    Auburn, AL

    What is a Niffer? They offer 4 definitions, our favorite is #4 "Food so good it's more than delicious - it's Nifferlicious!" started in 1991 designed with a kids play area and of course an interesting menu that includes Corn Nuggets and tater tot nachos. An impressive array of salads and chicken sandwiches is dwarfed by their burger selection that boasts promising names. Though we don't recommend going for the Niffasaurus (a one and a half pound burger, on a sourdough bun with melted cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack, and swiss cheeses. Topped with a fried egg and bacon.) With 20 different burgers on the menu they seek to provide a flavor for everyone, also black bean burgers, garden burgers, or turkey burgers are substitutable for any burger on the menu.