The Best Burger in America

Looking for the best burger in America? It is hard to beat a mouthwatering, melt in your mouth burger. One that has been seasoned and grilled to perfection and topped with flavorful cheese and dressed with your all time favorite fixings. Whether those are crisp lettuce and juicy tomato slices or crunchy pickles and onions, we usually each have our idea of the perfect burger.

Here, we have struggled through our differences of opinion to bring you the most regionally acclaimed burgers we could find in America. To make our top burger list, these burgers had to consistently receive top marks taste test after taste test! This was research we didn't mind doing, these burgers also were liked by the widest palette of tastes. So give our burger list for America a try. If you find a better burger in America let us know and we will make sure to try it out and weigh it against the competitors.

Also, we would love to hear what you think the best burger is to you, what qualities do you think are most essential? Or do you know of a burger joint that is the best kept secret in America and you want to share your love with the nation? We want to hear it, what you have to say is important to us!

  • Shake Shack

    Shake Shack

    New York, NY

    Unique in the fact that you can view the waiting line on their website, Shake Shack has created quite the stir with their hamburgers. The meat is ground fresh daily and each patty is hand shaped. Then they place these on a grilled potato bun with fixings.

  • Triple XXX Family Restuarant

    Triple XXX Family Restuarant

    West Lafayette, IN

    A place with an impressive history, family owned and run since 1929 people are known to travel long distances to visit this burger joint. They hand grind their meat in store fresh and cook to order, or choose one of their many impressively named burger's such as "The Duane Purvis All-American" They also still offer their home made root beer on tap.

  • Lure Fishbar

    Lure Fishbar

    New York, NY

    It may sound unusual to head to a seafood place for a great burger but the Lure Fishbar is renown for their fabulous burgers served on brioche rolls. Their website allows you to make reservations so there won't be a long wait in line for this burger, as long as you plan ahead.

  • Kuma's Corner

    Kuma's Corner

    Chicago, IL

    Some of the best burgers in Chicago, we may be biased but then so is most of the city! No reservations here but there is a fascinating story on their website.

  • 5-8 Club

    5-8 Club

    Maplewood, MN

    A burger place that claims to be "home of the juicy lucy" these guys take their cheeseburgers seriously. Around since 1928 locals know that this is an amazing place to get a burger.

  • Umami Burger

    Umami Burger

    Los Angeles, CA

    The Unami Burger, in house fresh ground beef, oven roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, Parmesan frico, sauteed shiitake mushrooms, all crowned gloriously with house made ketchup. Just about every part of this burger is house made in each location to ensure it reaches their standards.

  • Perini Ranch

    Perini Ranch

    Buffalo Gap, TX

    We aren't the only ones who think these burgers are some of the Tops in Texas, this opinion is shared far and wide. If you are anywhere in the vicinity, we recommend you come and try out some good Texas hospitality and enjoy a fabulous meal while you are at it.

  • Rub BBQ

    Rub BBQ

    New York, NY

    Opened in 2005, they have been featured on several national shows. Not only famous for their BBQ, but also for their burgers. Their availability may be limited but is undoubtedly worth the effort, as every great hamburger or cheeseburger is.

  • Diablo Burger

    Diablo Burger

    Flagstaff, AZ

    This burger joint makes all of their hamburgers from locally grown, open range-raised antibiotic free and groeth hormone free. They also try to get all of their other ingredients locally grown and they provide an amazing char-broiled experience. With a heavy emphasis on a gastronomic delight, they take pride in serving up some of the tastiest burgers around.

  • blanc burgers + bottles

    blanc burgers + bottles

    Leawood, KS

    With an impressive array of cheeseburgers available made with stellar ingredients it is no surprise that they now have multiple locations. They definitely impart a chef's flair to their burgers, trying new and interesting combinations to wonderful effect.