Top Jewelry Stores in Portland, ME

Finding a Jewelry Store in Portland ME that is right for your needs can take time but is worth searching Portland ME thoroughly for. Whether for a one time buy or to build a life time relationship it is important to find a jeweler you can trust. You want a reliable source for whatever your needs may be whether engagement rings, silver jewelry, gold jewelry, or diamond jewelry. So we have done the research for you, check out Eli's top picks for Portland ME.

If you know an amazing jewelry store in Portland ME, let us know! Your opinion is valuable and we want to make sure everyone is able to find the best jewelry store for their needs without having to worry about the integrity. We turn to jewelry stores to commemorate some of the biggest moments of our life and show those we care about most how much they mean to us. Settling for a jeweler that isn't the best isn't an option when you consider the importance of those you love. That's why if you have an experience with any of the jewelry stores listed in Portland ME that isn't exception, we want you to let us know!

  • D. Cole Jewelers

    D. Cole Jewelers

    Portland, ME

    At award-winning D. Cole Jewelers, they specialize in beautifully handcrafted platinum, gold, and sterling silver pieces. Their 3 on staff jewelers create cthemtom one of a kind pieces as designed by their cthemtomers. Their competitive pricing is due to the fact that they design and manufacture their own pieces. All of the repair work and cthemtom designing that they do is all done in hotheme at their visible jeweler’s shop that you can see when visiting the store.

  • Cross Jewelers

    Cross Jewelers

    Portland, ME

    Cross Jewelers has served the jewelry needs of Maine, New England and beyond since 1908. They strive to create classic and enduring jewelry that often marks life's most important moments and most cherished memories. Whether it's simply soldering a broken chain or creating a family treasure, their jewelers have over 20 years combined experience in jewelry repair and custom design.

  • Maine Gold & Silver

    Maine Gold & Silver

    Portland, ME

    They are a family based jewelry and coin store. When you come into their showroom, you will find unique, one of a kind pieces. They have an extensive collection of Estate Jewelry as well as beautiful new gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. They also invite you to check out their coin and bullion department. They have everything that a collector needs. Stop by their store and check them out. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help you.

  • Gerard Porte 4

    Gerard Porte 4

    Portland, ME

    Porte 4, Gallery of Fine Jewelry and Art is one of Portland, Maine's most unique galleries, featuring custom designed jewelry and art by award-winning designer Gerard Bianco, as well as estate jewelry that fits most any price range. A full-service shop, Porte 4 can also remount, repair and revitalize old jewelry. Gerard can also custom-design the ring, pendant or earrings that are just right for you.

  • Daunis Fine Jewelry

    Daunis Fine Jewelry

    Portland, ME

    Jewelry is an art form and it should be in harmony with the wearer. As Maine jewelry designers, they are influenced by Maine's fluctuating coastal waters, and the tranquility of her lakes. A close look at their designs reveal the reflected light on waves and swirling eddies. They design so this movement of light and form will enhance the person who wears their jewelry.

  • Folia Jewelry

    Folia Jewelry

    Portland, ME

    Located in the heart of Portand Maine's Old Port, Folia offers handmade jewelry designed and made by the store's owner, Edith Armstrong. In addition to Edith's work, several of Maine's finest jewelers are showcased in the Gallery. Folia specializes in custom design along with other services including repair, pearl stringing and appraisals.

  • Lovell Designs

    Lovell Designs

    Portland, ME

    From the outset, I have been inspired by the transformative power of art and the powerful process of creating jewelry and objects of beauty from the elements found in the earth. When silver, gold, and pewter are turned into molten states, they assume fluid properties which can be molded and shaped in ways limited only by one’s imagination and creativity.

  • Springer's Jewelers

    Springer's Jewelers

    Portland, ME

    One of the Oldest Fine Jewelers in the United States trusted jewelers since 1870. Springer's dedication to customers extends beyond their exceptional quality and customer service to the support of and commitment to their community. Springer's does not view community involvement as an afterthought; Springer's has chosen to make this a part of being a responsible corporate citizen.

  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

    We actually don't advise stinging like a bee since they die after they sting someone once, instead, sting like a wasp. The point is, we are in search of the best but we are picky and not ready to settle for anyone we don't consider to be the top in their field! If you have a suggestion of someone you think should be on this list, please let us know.

  • We're still searching for the one who deserves this spot.

    We're still searching for the one who deserves this spot.

    Though we have traversed almost the entirety of America, it can still be hard to find just the right people. Please be patient with us while we search for someone who makes the cut. We insist that those we list as tops of their categories be honored among their peers for excellence. That is not enough though, they also have to provide unmatched customer service. We listen to our sites users and listings can be updated accordingly!


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