Top Lasik Surgeons in Baltimore, MD

Even if you have lived in Baltimore MD for a long time, a lasik surgeon is not something you need every day. Which makes it even more vital to find a reliable lasik doctor to perform your lasik eye surgery, this is not something you want to leave to chance. Our list for Baltimore MD will give you an excellent place to start your search for the best lasik surgeons in Baltimore MD without having to do hours of research.

Our listings are carefully maintained to ensure positive experiences for our users as best as we can. We want to make sure that your laser eye surgery is a good experience for you so make sure you check with a couple of the lasik surgeons listed in Baltimore MD to find which one you are most comfortable with and who will be the perfect surgeon for you.

  • Jay C. Grochmal, M.D.

    Jay C. Grochmal, M.D.

    Baltimore , MD

    Dr. Jay Grochmal is the founder of the Grochmal Eye Center and is currently specializing in improving patients’ vision with LASIK, Cataract surgery, and Glaucoma procedures. He is well-known for having participated in a number of medical missionary trips, offering his expertise and skill to those in need. He is also currently on staff with some of the top hospitals in the Baltimore area.

  • Anthony J. Kameen, M.D.

    Anthony J. Kameen, M.D.

    Towson, MD

    He is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist specializing in laser vision correction and premium cataract surgery. He is famous for having performed the first government approved Excimer laser vision correction, the first LASIK Intralase, and the first NearVision CK in the Baltimore area. Dr. Kameen has also been recognized as a “Top Doctor” by the Baltimore magazine and the Washingtonian magazine.

  • Michael Sandler, M.D.

    Michael Sandler, M.D.

    Baltimore , MD

    He was board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology in 1983. Since then, Dr. Michael Sandler has been specializing in performing cataract surgery without needles or stitches, a procedure which allows a more rapid recovery.

  • Dr. Scott LaBorwit

    Dr. Scott LaBorwit

    Baltimore , MD

    He is the President and the Founder of Select Eye Care whose areas of expertise include cataract, glaucoma, and LASIK surgery. In addition to being a board certified ophthalmologist, Dr. LaBorwit is also an author of major peer-reviewed journals and textbook chapters.

  • Ivan H. Garcia, M.D.

    Ivan H. Garcia, M.D.

    Baltimore , MD

    Cataract, bifocal lens implants, corneal transplant surgery, Lasik, Lasek, and surface ablation Laser Vision Correction are some of his clinical interests. Dr. Ivan Garcia is known for being a recipient of a Humanitarian Award from the Hands Across the Americas Foundation and a Eugene McCrary Award for his contributions to the field of optometry.

  • Marcos T. Doxanas, M.D.

    Marcos T. Doxanas, M.D.

    Baltimore , MD

    He is notable for having undergone training in both general ophthalmology and ophthalmic plastic & reconstructive eye surgery. Also, approximately 50 original publications and textbook chapters were authored by Dr. Doxanas. He is currently focusing on general ophthalmology with a specialty interest in ophthalmic plastic surgery.

  • Misty Wray, M.D.

    Misty Wray, M.D.

    Baltimore , MD

    She specializes in the areas of premium lens cataract surgery, refraction, and oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Wray previously served as the chief of ophthalmology at Calvert Memorial Hospital and is currently a MedStar Physician Partner with a practice in Pasadena.

  • Nathaniel Ruttig, M.D.

    Nathaniel Ruttig, M.D.

    Baltimore , MD

    He was once a Naval Flight Surgeon, serving in Corpus Christi and is currently certified to practice LASIK-hansotome and LASIK-Visx Laser. Dr. Nathaniel Ruttig also specializes in advanced cataract surgical techniques, diabetic exams, the management of dry eye syndrome, and laser treatments in the management of glaucoma.

  •  Dr. Sheri Rowen

    Dr. Sheri Rowen

    Baltimore , MD

    She is a renowned Maryland LASIK surgeon who operates at her Baltimore LASIK office. Dr. Sheri Rowen is also a Baltimore Cataract Surgery specialist, having already diagnosed and treated numerous cataract cases.

  • "I'm a peacock, you have to let me fly!"

    "I'm a peacock, you have to let me fly!"

    For those of you who understand the reference let me assure you that though "The Other Guys" have the potential to become the top, we won't list them here until they have gotten on their game. We provide the humor free of charge though. If you know someone who is top in their field, why not give us a hint?


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