Top Mexican Restaurants in Columbia, MO

I’m sure you want to try something different once in a while. Food is a great starting point – we can’t have the same thing to eat every single day! If you’re not a frequent traveler, you might want something that’s exotic, fortunately cultures are quick to share their foods even if they have been someone Americanized, they can still give you an idea of a totally different culture and set of traditions. This is where our list of Mexican restaurants in Columbia MO comes in. 

Our Columbia MO list of restaurants offering Mexican food will surely take you to another place without having to travel far! Be ready to enjoy food that has corn, beans, chili peppers, herbs, and spices infused in it. Flavors will range from sweet to hot and mild to extremely spicy! The food will definitely stimulate your senses but that is not the only interesting factor: each Mexican restaurant will also give you the feel of being in a different place with their festive decorations. So whether you are new to Columbia MO or just visiting, explore all the fascinating flavors our list has to offer.

We would like to hear from you too. What is your favorite Mexican restaurant menu offering? Any experiences you’d like to share? We want to hear about any Mexican restaurants in Columbia MO that are worth trying or that we missed! Just remember to be on the list they must have a website we can direct people to.

  • El Maugey

    El Maugey

    Columbia, MO

    El Maguey is your trusted Mexican restaurant in Columbia, MO. They serve a wide variety of authentic Mexican food, from Quesadillas to Burritos as well as a kids menu just for your little one. Catering to large parties including birthdays, meetings, and other events are available at your location or ours. They are open 7 days a week at all three of their locations. They take pride in the cleanliness and service of their restaurants to provide you with the best experience and food possible.

  • La Terraza Grill

    La Terraza Grill

    Columbia, MO

    La Terraza is a family owned restaurant with a mission of bringing authentic Mexican cuisine to Columbia. In addition to traditional Mexican dishes, they offer many unique, signature dishes that you can only find at La Terraza. Their passion for authentic, quality ingredients and food served in a friendly, welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere make La Terraza the top choice for service and taste in Columbia.

  • Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

    Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

    Columbia, MO

    Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant in Columbia, MO serves authentic Mexican cuisines at affordable prices. They know them well in Green Valley, Vail, Benson, Tanque Verde, and River Ranch, too. One of Tucson's best known and best loved Mexican restaurants is Casa Del Rio at 1060 S. Pantano Road - dishing up authentic mouthwatering Sonoran-style lunch, dinner and take out since 1979.

  • La Siesta

    La Siesta

    Columbia, MO

    La Siesta, the best place in Columbia, Missouri to enjoy your favorite, delicious Mexican food for dine-in or carry out. They will even deliver. Check to see if you’re in the delivery area. Their menu features lunch specials, combination meals, soups, fajitas, quesadillas, and an outstanding drink and liquor selection.

  • Carlito's Cabo

    Carlito's Cabo

    Columbia, MO

    Carlito’s Cabo is available for fun events. They offer daily lunch and dinner specials. Drinking Specials Everyday from their full service bar includes beer liquor and the best margaritas in Columbia. They accept cash and all major credit cards. They have Burritos, Tacos and Tostadas in their menu.

  • Pancheros


    Columbia, MO

    Our tortillas are your friends. They won't let you down. Wrap your fingers around a pancheros burrito and it feels like a firm handshake. One that says "don't worry, buddy. I'm gonna keep it together and make sure none of my marinated amazingness gets re-routed to your chinos." Their burritos are not slipshod. They are not slapdash. Rather, they build them simply and strongly, and remember always that every bite counts.

  • Las Margaritas

    Las Margaritas

    Columbia, MO

    Feast your mojos on their menu and specials. Feast your eyes on their lunch and dinner menus now available to view online. Remember they offer catering if you don’t have time to come in and sit down. It’s a great idea for those days when you need lunch pronto.

  • El Vaquero

    El Vaquero

    Fulton, MO

    At El Vaquero they celebrate a proud tradition of preparing authentic Mexican food the way it was done on the range centuries ago. From the freshest meats and seafood to colorful vegetables and unique spices and sauces, each dish is an experience.

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    We're still searching for the one who deserves this spot.

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