Top Home Builders in Springfield, MO

You have been saving for your dream home in Springfield MO for some time, and now you are ready to browse the local home builders. You have come to the right place. You can find not only local home builders to the Springfield MO area but also to most any major area you might be interested in moving to.

It is essential that you have the right home developer the first time, this isn't an area where redo's are acceptable, and we understand that. So we suggest you start with your Springfield MO local home builders and interview them personally to find one that is the perfect match for you. So you can make sure every step of your homes design, creation, and completion is done exactly the way you want  it.

Our list comes in handy not only for those local to Springfield MO but also those new to the area, we have done the research and constantly evaluate the listings based off of feedback we receive. So you can rest assured that every home builder on this list has earned their spot. Now all you have to do is find the one with the style, and attention that matches your personality best; because this is an area you want to make sure you are on the same page as your new home builder from start to finish.

  • Cowherd Construction

    Cowherd Construction

    Springfield, MO

    Cowherd Construction has been building and remodeling homes in Springfield and southwest Missouri for more than 30 years. The firm's office is located at 3159 W. Republic Road in Springfield. Cowherd Construction also offers a selection of specialized floor plan layouts which are all fit for any price range and budget.

  • Wild Bear Log Homes, LLC

    Wild Bear Log Homes, LLC

    Springfield, MO

    Wild Bear Log Homes are built using only Northern White Cedar which has the properties that make it an excellent choice for a low-maintenance log home or cabin. The company website also shows a gallery of their home plans. The Wild Bear Log Homes office is located at 3520 South Culpepper Circle, Suite A in Springfield.

  • United-Bilt Homes

    United-Bilt Homes

    Springfield, MO

    United-Bilt Homes is a family-owned home builder that has been operating for more than 50 years. Since the firm's inception in 1958, they have already assisted more than 35,000 families in building their desired homes. United-Bilt Homes also offers the option of building clients' home on their own lot, often with no money down.

  • Kenmar Construction, Inc.

    Kenmar Construction, Inc.

    Springfield, MO

    Kenmar Construction started out in 1985 specializing in residential remodels and building new houses. Today, the firm has also been working on commercial and institutional projects, with emphasis on local educational institutions. Kenmar Construction still performs residential construction and they have a gallery of their designs on-line.

  • Monticello Homes & Development

    Monticello Homes & Development

    Springfield, MO

    Monticello Homes & Development has been specializing in building custom homes since 2004. Their custom homes range from 1,600 to 6,000 square feet or larger, with some of these homes having a shade of "green". An outline of their home building service as well as a gallery of homes are both available for viewing on their website.

  • Spradling Custom Homes

    Spradling Custom Homes

    Springfield, MO

    Spradling Custom Homes specializes in building custom homes in the Springfield, Nixa, and Ozark areas. Utilizing a very transparent communication process, the firm assures clients that the whole home building process will be stress free and exciting. Also, for each of their custom home building project, Spradling Custom Homes develops a customized project tracking worksheet that is updated weekly.

  • Up-Tyte Construction Inc.

    Up-Tyte Construction Inc.

    Springfield, MO

    Up-Tyte Construction has been involved in the home building business since 1977. In addition, the firm has been an Energy Star Builder Partner since 2006 and has built many homes in the Springfield area that complies with the Energy Star Standards. Up-Tyte Construction specializes in building homes of all sizes and designs.

  • Whitaker Building, LLC

    Whitaker Building, LLC

    Springfield, MO

    Whitaker Building, LLC, is a 3rd Generation Design/Build contractor. Its employees are committed to excellence and providing personalized professional service from design to completion for all building, remodeling and restoration.

  • Pirtle Homes

    Pirtle Homes

    Springfield, MO

    Pirtle Homes specializes in custom homes, additions, and remodeling. Travis Pirtle, owner, focuses on giving every building project the attention to detail it deserves. As a professional builder, Travis Pirtle will assist in site development and all planning stages, in order to achieve the vision of the client, at the most reasonable cost.

  • MGM Properties, Inc.

    MGM Properties, Inc.

    Republic, MO

    MGM Properties, Inc. has over 50 years combined experience in Custom Home Building. Let the company's team professionals assist you throughout your project, from concept and design to the finished product.


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