Top Music Stations in Columbus, OH

You have a blast listening to music, while working, working out, and driving in your car. Sometimes though, you have troubles finding a music station that fits you. Sometimes your favorite station changes and what used to be a couple of minutes of commercials once an hour has become a couple of minutes of music once an hour! Or maybe you are new to Columbus OH, just visiting the area, or possibly just need a change. You have come to the right place.

Here we have all of the top Columbus OH music stations in one place, you are sure to find one that meets your tastes. Try out all of the Columbus OH stations and then give us your opinion on the best, worst, and any we don't have on the list that should be. Whether you are in Columbus OH for a visit or have lived here for years, we want to hear your opinion.

We have catered our list of Columbus OH stations to the local opinions we have received so don't stop sending them in. Music is an important part of our lives, in Columbus OH, and anywhere else. Music stations are also a personal thing. What is music to you? Is it what gets you through your daily commute in Columbus OH? Is it what you jam to in the shower? Is it what calms and centers you at work?

  • 90.5 WCBE

    90.5 WCBE

    Columbus, OH

    WCBE (90.5 FM) is a public radio station in Columbus, Ohio that began broadcasting in 1956. Initially, the station carried only locally produced education programs, but was the first station in Columbus to affiliate with National Public Radio and began carrying NPR programs in the 1970s. WCBE is a public radio station that exists to serve the cultural, information, and educational needs of Central Ohio and beyond.

  • 92.3 WCOL

    92.3 WCOL

    Columbus, OH

    WCOL-FM (92.3 FM) is a country music radio station in Columbus, Ohio owned by Clear Channel Communications. Its brand identifier is Continuous Country Favorites, 92.3 WCOL.The country format has been in place since February 14, 1994, when it transitioned from an oldies format (sometimes known as "Cool 92").

  • Sunny 95

    Sunny 95

    Columbus, OH

    WSNY is an FM radio station in Columbus, Ohio located at 94.7 MHz. WSNY, known on the air as "Sunny 95" plays adult contemporary most of the year. The one exception is during mid November and most of December, when the station switches its format to both traditional and contemporary Christmas music. The station is currently owned by Saga Communications. The station broadcasts with 22,000 watts of power and can be heard throughout central Ohio.

  • K 95.5 FM

    K 95.5 FM

    Columbus, OH

    WHOK-FM (K95.5)is an FM radio station licensed to Lancaster, Ohio, located at 95.5 MHz. The station operates from a facility located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. WHOK has been a country music station for many years in different forms since it first went on the air in 1948, making it Central Ohio's longest-running country station.

  • WNCI 97.9

    WNCI 97.9

    Columbus, OH

    WNCI (97.9 FM) is a radio station in Columbus, Ohio. Its official print brand identifier is WNCI 97.9 in a purple oval, while the station is known on-air as 97.9 WNCI. WNCI primarily plays Top 40/CHR music, and is consistently one of the top-rated stations in Central Ohio by Arbitron. The station has had a hit music format since the early 1970s, making it one of the oldest continuously airing Top 40 stations still in the format.

  • CD 102.5

    CD 102.5

    Columbus, OH

    WWCD (102.5 FM), currently branded CD102.5, is a commercial modern rock radio station licensed to Baltimore, Ohio and serving the Columbus metro area. Along with WBWR, WLVQ and WRKZ, WWCD is one of four rock stations serving the Columbus radio market.

  • 104.9 The River

    104.9 The River

    Gahanna, OH

    WCVO is an FM Radio station in Gahanna, Ohio, USA located at 104.9 MHz. WCVO broadcasts family-friendly Christian music as "The River". WCVO is operated by the Christian Voice of Central Ohio, and the station's call letters reflect this: W Christian Voice of Central Ohio. 104.9 the River presents itself as playing songs with clean lyrics, having friendly DJs, and for not broadcasting material that would likely be considered inappropriate for children.

  • Radio U

    Radio U

    Westerville, OH

    WUFM (88.7 FM, "RadioU") is non-commercial Contemporary Christian radio station licensed to Columbus, Ohio. The station retransmits its signal via satellite to nine different translators nationwide. WUFM primarily plays alternative Christian music across several genres, with the most played including pop-rock, hard rock, punk, and hip-hop, as well as occasional emo, electronica/dance, and hardcore/metal. The station is accessible worldwide through their website and can be seen through their music TV station, TVU, available on Sky Angel Satellite Network.

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    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

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