Top Pediatricians in Dayton, OH

Nothing I have ever encountered strikes fear into my heart like an injured or sick child. I am reasonably sure that all other parents out there feel the same way. I am sure you don’t want to just trust any doctor in Dayton OH with your children. You also likely are not willing to go through any trial and error with one of your own children as you would be willing to go through to find your own doctor.

A pediatrician is going to have to click with you and gain your trust before they see your child and I feel exactly the same way. Unlike many of our service listings, you do not want to wait to find a pediatrician until an emergency strikes. You want to have them on speed dial long before that. So now is the perfect time to use our Dayton OH are list of top recommended pediatricians and start interviewing them. Find the one who you would trust with your children. Don’t forget that people change over time and that can apply to not only your doctors but also your pediatricians. If any of our Dayton OH doctors have declined in their performance, please let us know! It is vital that we keep the below list updated with only the doctors that will care for your children as if they were their own. It is also a great idea to establish a pediatrician for short term work conditions even if they last less than a year. So if you will be stationed somewhere else, start researching area pediatricians now so you are as prepared as possible.

  • Dr. James  Bryant  M.D.

    Dr. James Bryant M.D.

    Dayton, OH

    Dr. James Bryant received his M.D. degree from Loma Linda University, California and subsequently interned at Kettering Memorial Hospital. He is board certified in Pediatrics and is currently seeing patients at Ohio Pediatrics Inc.

  • David L. Roer, M.D.

    David L. Roer, M.D.

    Dayton, OH

    Dr. David L. Roer, received his M.D. degree from Wright State University and completed his pediatric residency at Dayton Children’s Medical Center. He currently focuses on providing the healthcare needs of pediatric patients at Pediatric Associates of Dayton.

  • Paul M. Gresham, MD

    Paul M. Gresham, MD

    Dayton, OH

    Dr. Paul M. Gresham completed his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine. He is currently accepting new patients at his Dayton Children's office.

  • Gary M. Youra, M.D.,

    Gary M. Youra, M.D.,

    Dayton, OH

    Dr. Gary M. Youra attended college and medical school at the University of Michigan and is currently part of the Pediatric Associates of Dayton team. He also completed his pediatric residency at New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center.

  • Dr. Julie Shepard  M.D.

    Dr. Julie Shepard M.D.

    Dayton, OH

    Dr. Julie Shepard received her M.D. degree from Columbia University and completed her pediatric residency at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center. She is board certified in Pediatrics and is currently seeing patients at Ohio Pediatrics Inc.

  • Beth Duvall, MD

    Beth Duvall, MD

    Dayton, OH

    Dr. Beth Duvall is a graduate of Wright State University School of Medicine who is currently part of the Dayton Children's team of health professionals. She specializes both in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

  • Jennifer M. Conlon, M.D.

    Jennifer M. Conlon, M.D.

    Dayton, OH

    Dr. Jennifer M. Conlon attended medical school at the Ohio State University College of Medicine. She previously practiced medicine in Portland, Oregon and Wilmington but is currently practicing at Pediatric Associates of Dayton where she provides general pediatric care.

  •  Dr. Kristin Mergler  M.D.

    Dr. Kristin Mergler M.D.

    Dayton, OH

    Dr. Kristin Mergler completed her pediatric residency at Children's Medical Center of Dayton and she is currently accepting new patients at her Ohio Pediatrics Inc office. She completed her M.D. degree from Wright State Boonshoft School of Medicine.

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    Are you top 10 worthy?

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