Top Bakery in Dallas, TX

What a bakery is can mean different things depending on who you ask. Many of us are conjuring images of a Dallas TX store filled with freshly baked breads, pastries, cookies, and cakes. While others are envisioning formal wedding cakes and bouquets of roses made out of gum paste or fondant. Both can apply and both require a high level of excellence. You want the best bakers in Dallas TX working on your baked goods whether you need a pie for dessert, a baguette for dinner, or a wedding cake that your guests will remember 50 years from now. The wonderful bakeries in Dallas TX can meet your needs and your tastes and we have the list to help you find the one that is perfect for you.

You can spend hours doing the research, sifting through reviews, comparing menu items, etc. Or you can use our handy list as a starting place in your quest for the best Dallas TX bakery. Then, let us know which was your favorite, which had the best customer service, and which one went above and beyond for you. It may be the bakeries goal to have the best tasting, freshest baked goods around but you can never underestimate the importance of customer service. If you know of an amazing bakery that didn't make the list, give them a shout out to us. It is possible we don't know about them or they just need more feedback to make the list. Because that is what this list of Dallas TX area bakeries is all about, delivering you a list of the best, and as always America Top 10 will never charge you to see our lists.

  • A&J Bakery

    A&J Bakery

    Dallas, TX

    A&J Bakery has been proudly serving the Dallas metro city are for over 25 years now. A&J Bakery is also well-known for having been featured in People Magazine for Tony Romo’s Birthday cake in 2008 and for being voted as Best Petite Fours in Dallas" by Paper City Magazine in 2004.

  • Bread Bakery Bistro Winners

    Bread Bakery Bistro Winners

    Dallas, TX

    Bread Bakery Bistro Winners claims to be baking and creating the finest and delicious pastries, breads, and desserts using only the freshest ingredients available too. Bread Bakery Bistro Winners also offers over 100 varieties of cakes, pies, cheesecakes, cookies, bars and brownies.

  • Casa Linda Bakery

    Casa Linda Bakery

    Dallas, TX

    At Casa Linda Bakery, everything offered is known to be made from scratch using recipes handed down from for many generations as well. Casa Linda Bakery offers a wide selection of wedding cakes, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, breads, pound cakes, as well as danish and pies.

  • Frosted Art Bakery Studio

    Frosted Art Bakery Studio

    Dallas, TX

    Frosted Art Bakery Studio specializes in making exquisite confections for all types of occasions, including weddings, birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Frosted Art Bakery Studio also creates over-the-top party cakes, unique cupcakes, and even delicious petit fours.

  • Meringue Bakery

    Meringue Bakery

    Dallas, TX

    Meringue Bakery was established in 2007 by Siv Lopez and the bakery was recently recognized by local consumers in the WFAA-list online poll as “Best cake in Dallas” in 2009. Meringue Bakery was also voted “Best place to buy a wedding cake” in the 2010 Pegasus News Poll.

  • Paradise Bakery Cafe

    Paradise Bakery Cafe

    Dallas, TX

    The Paradise Bakery Cafe menu selections currently include delicious brownies, croissants, quiches, breads, soups, salads, and sandwiches. Paradise Bakery Cafe is also well-known for preparing their meals and desserts on a daily basis using only the finest ingredients available.

  • Romano's Bakery

    Romano's Bakery

    Dallas, TX

    Romano’s Bakery is a family-owned business that is dedicated to help customers make all their once-in-lifetime moments the most memorable events as possible. Romano’s Bakery has also been creating cakes, cheesecakes, and other delectable sweets since 1990.

  • Society Bakery

    Society Bakery

    Dallas, TX

    Society Bakery claims to be creating the best quality cakes, cookies, and other types of treats by using only the finest ingredients available. Society Bakery was established in 2003 by the current owner who loves to bake, loves to sell, and who is also interested to change the world around her.

  • Steins Bakery

    Steins Bakery

    Dallas, TX

    Stein's Bakery, currently owned and managed by Owedia and Juan Alvarado, is well-known for being one of the oldest bakeries in the North Texas area. Steins Bakery currently offers a wide assortment of breads, pastries, cookies, cakes, pies, and other specialty items.

  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

    We actually don't advise stinging like a bee since they die after they sting someone once, instead, sting like a wasp. The point is, we are in search of the best but we are picky and not ready to settle for anyone we don't consider to be the top in their field! If you have a suggestion of someone you think should be on this list, please let us know.


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