Top Home Builders in El Paso, TX

You have been saving for your dream home in El Paso TX for some time, and now you are ready to browse the local home builders. You have come to the right place. You can find not only local home builders to the El Paso TX area but also to most any major area you might be interested in moving to.

It is essential that you have the right home developer the first time, this isn't an area where redo's are acceptable, and we understand that. So we suggest you start with your El Paso TX local home builders and interview them personally to find one that is the perfect match for you. So you can make sure every step of your homes design, creation, and completion is done exactly the way you want  it.

Our list comes in handy not only for those local to El Paso TX but also those new to the area, we have done the research and constantly evaluate the listings based off of feedback we receive. So you can rest assured that every home builder on this list has earned their spot. Now all you have to do is find the one with the style, and attention that matches your personality best; because this is an area you want to make sure you are on the same page as your new home builder from start to finish.

  • Mountain Vista Homes

    Mountain Vista Homes

    El Paso, TX

    Mountain Vista Homes was regarded as El Paso’s Builder of the Year in 1994, 2007, and in 2010. The firm was established in 1989 and has then built high quality and affordable homes in El Paso since then. Mountain Vista Homes also offers a full array of features and design options so that clients will be able to customize their desired homes.

  • Winton Flair

    Winton Flair

    El Paso, TX

    Winton Flair has a custom home builder division, the Winton & Associates Custom Homes. Since 1963, Winton & Associates has been a leading custom home builder in El Paso. The firm has already designed and constructed more than 4,000 homes since its establishment. Winton & Associates also specializes in building homes that are Energy Star Certified.

  • Saratoga Homes

    Saratoga Homes

    El Paso, TX

    Since 1983, Saratoga Homes has been a local and family owned home builder. The firm is known for having a Buyer Satisfaction Group that conducts periodic surveys to determine what families are looking for in their homes. Saratoga Homes also assist clients in finding and buying a home in Illinois and Texas.

  • Gila Mesa Builders

    Gila Mesa Builders

    El Paso, TX

    The Gila Mesa Builders company has been in business for more than 30 years and is currently specializing in home building and remodeling. In addition, they claim to be experts in the areas of custom remodeling and major renovations. The office of the Gila Mesa Builders company is located at 5827 Kingsfield Avenue in El Paso.

  • Palo Verde Homes

    Palo Verde Homes

    El Paso, TX

    Palo Verde Homes is a premier custom and speculative home builder in El Paso Texas. Their commitment to their customers is to offer the best in design, materials, customer service, workmanship and quality at competitive market prices.

  • Fortune Custom Homes

    Fortune Custom Homes

    El Paso, TX

    Fortune Custom Homes specializes in designing and building custom homes. The firm claims to be one of El Paso's leading custom homebuilders as well. Fortune Custom Homes is proud to be the first custom home builder to be recognized by the E.P.A. as being 100% compliant with Energy Star Guidelines.

  • Sanderson Custom Homes

    Sanderson Custom Homes

    El Paso, TX

    Sanderson Custom Homes is a family owned and operated company that focuses on building homes and neighborhoods. The firm has been involved in the construction and building industry since 1969. Sanderson Custom Homes assures clients that they will be attended to by the owners of the company themselves.

  • Tropicana Homes

    Tropicana Homes

    El Paso, TX

    Tropicana Homes has operated for over 60 years and has already built a total of 10,000 homes at present. The firm is known for being the recipient of the "Builder of the Year" recognition by the El Paso Association of Builders. Also, Tropicana Homes was the first and only El Paso builder to be named the "Texas Developer of the Year" in 2009.

  • Padilla Homes

    Padilla Homes

    El Paso, TX

    The Padilla Homes staff is known to be actively and constantly involved in the planning, development, and construction of each home. Although the firm employs sub-contractors, Padilla Homes assures clients that a hands-on approach to the business is also evident. The firm's office is located 7332 Remcon Circle, Suite B in El Paso.

  • Enrique Franco Inc.

    Enrique Franco Inc.

    El Paso, TX

    Enrique Franco Inc. is a custom home builder that specializes in the construction of high quality luxury homes. The firm has been in business since 1950. The Enrique Franco Inc. firm aims to "build for you the very best home that we can, no gimmicks, no shortcuts." Their website shows a gallery of their unique interior and exterior designs.


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