Top Music Stations in San Diego, CA

You have a blast listening to music, while working, working out, and driving in your car. Sometimes though, you have troubles finding a music station that fits you. Sometimes your favorite station changes and what used to be a couple of minutes of commercials once an hour has become a couple of minutes of music once an hour! Or maybe you are new to San Diego, CA, just visiting the area, or possibly just need a change. You have come to the right place.

Here we have all of the top San Diego, CA music stations in one place, you are sure to find one that meets your tastes. Try out all of the San Diego, CA stations and then give us your opinion on the best, worst, and any we don’t have on the list that should be. Whether you are in San Diego, CA for a visit or have lived here for years, we want to hear your opinion.

We have catered our list of San Diego, CA stations to the local opinions we have received so don’t stop sending them in. Music is an important part of our lives, in San Diego, CA, and anywhere else. Music stations are also a personal thing. What is music to you? Is it what gets you through your daily commute in San Diego, CA? Is it what you jam to in the shower? Is it what calms and centers you at work?


102.1 KPRi

San Diego, CA

102.1 KPRI claims to be San Diego’s true, and local independent radio station. Some of this music station’s most popular programming include Early Morning Show with Madison, as well as Nighttime Words and Music with Robert.


K Love

Rocklin, CA

KLKA (88.5 FM) is a radio station licensed to serve Globe, Arizona, USA. The station is owned by American Educational Broadcasting, Inc. It airs a Christian Contemporary music format. The station was assigned the KLKA call letters by the Federal Communications Commission on March 14, 2005. In August 2007, KLKA applied to the FCC to change its community of license to Casa Grande, Arizona, with a shift in frequency to 88.7 MHz and a raise in effective radiated power to 83,000 watts.


FM 94/9

San Diego, CA

FM 94/9 is well-known for its Commercial Free Monday programming, which airs every weekday morning. Also, this music station claims to be committed in providing your ears with good tunes.


Jammin’ Z 90.3

San Diego, CA

Jammin’ Z 90.3 is well-known for being San Diego’s Top 40 Music Station. Jammin’ Z 90.3 has been broadcasting and on air since 1990 and is made up of team members Chunky, Tati, Tre, and Raymond.


Jazz 88.3

San Diego, CA

Jazz 88.3 is a non-profit organization that is part of the San Diego City College Foundation. The goal of Jazz 88.3 is to preserve and promote the uniquely American art form of Jazz through their programming.


Rock 105.3

San Diego, CA

Rock 105.3 claims to be San Diego’s Rock Station offering the hottest in rock music trends. The station has been broadcasting since 1996 and is well-known for being home of The Show, Eddie, Costa, and Sky.


Smooth FM 98.1

San Diego, CA

Smooth FM 98.1 claims to be San Diego’s “Listen While You Work Station”. The Smooth FM 98.1 playlist currently includes popular singles from well-known artists such as Michael Buble, John Legend, and Alicia Keys.


Star 94.1

San Diego, CA

Star 94.1 is committed to be offering San Diego’s best variety of music. Also, the station is known for broadcasting popular shows such as Jesse Lozano in the Morning, Delana while you work, and Haze in the afternoon.



San Diego, CA

91X was launched in 1983 and is currently well-known for featuring popular programming such as Cyber Monday, Local Break, and the week’s Top 91 songs. 91X is also home of Oz Medina and Robin Roth.

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