The Best Burger in Kansas

Looking for the best burger in Kansas? It is hard to beat a mouthwatering, melt in your mouth burger. One that has been seasoned and grilled to perfection and topped with flavorful cheese and dressed with your all time favorite fixings. Whether those are crisp lettuce and juicy tomato slices or crunchy pickles and onions, we usually each have our idea of the perfect burger.

Here, we have struggled through our differences of opinion to bring you the most regionally acclaimed burgers we could find in Kansas. To make our top burger list, these burgers had to consistently receive top marks taste test after taste test! This was research we didn’t mind doing, these burgers also were liked by the widest palette of tastes. So give our burger list for Kansas a try. If you find a better burger in Kansas let us know and we will make sure to try it out and weigh it against the competitors.

Also, we would love to hear what you think the best burger is to you, what qualities do you think are most essential? Or do you know of a burger joint that is the best kept secret in Kansas and you want to share your love with the nation? We want to hear it, what you have to say is important to us!


BRGR Kitchen

Prairie Village, KS

The difference between other burgers from different restaurants and BRGR Kitchen burgers is that the latter are prepared by using “21st century methods”. That is why BRGR Kitchen is known for bringing the modern burger joint into the neighborhood.


The High Noon Saloon and Brewery

Leavenworth, KS

The High Noon Saloon & Brewery offers Buffalo Burgers which are locally raised and free of hormones and anti-biotics. Fresh made, award-winning hand-crafted beer from their on-site copper clad brewery is also one of their specialties.


Local Burger

Lawrence, KS

Local Burger offers a wide selection of burgers such as beef, buffalo, elk, lamb, pork, turkey, and tofu. In addition, the restaurant offers gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, corn-free, and soy-free Veggie Burgers. Local Burger is also known for supporting local farmers, advocating for the humane treatment of animals, and composting their organic waste.


The Cozy Inn Hamburgers

Salina, KS

Since the restaurant’s opening in 1922, Cozy Inn Hamburgers have been prepared by using the same 90 year old grill. The grill is, according to some regulars, the reason for the burgers” unique taste. Lean hamburgers, potato chips, soda, coffee, hot chocolate, and Cozy Inn souvenirs are also offered at the restaurant.


Room 39

Lewood, KS

Room 39’s specialty is the half pound burger, which is served during Breakfast and Lunch. The restaurant is also known its support for local agriculture, its warm atmosphere, and its “award winning wine list”.


Bomber Burger

Wichita, KS

Their burgers are the only ones with a full page write up from the food critic of the Wichita Eagle. Also, Bomber Burger has been recognized as Wichita’s best burger by The Wichita Eagle, Wichita News Brief, the law firm of Martin, and Pringle’s burger week.


Henry T’s

Topeka, KS

The restaurant has a sports bar atmosphere which is perfect for game watchers. They also offer a wide selection of burgers, most popular of which is the half-pound steak burger. Also, blackened grilled chicken salad and the sampler platter appetizer are some of the favorite picks.


Annie’s Place

Topeka, KS

Bleu cheese and bacon, fire grilled and topped with smokey bacon and tangy bleu cheese crumbles, is one of their best selling burgers. The restaurant also offers appetizers, soups, salads, fresh breads, and desserts.


The Burger Stand

Topeka, KS

They are famous for their wide selection of burgers, the “hawt doggz”, a vegetarian menu, and their beer on tap. Among all the selections in the menu, the Kobe Burger is one of the most popular picks. It is made of American Kobe beef with pickled red onion and truffle butter.

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