Furniture Stores in Owensboro, KY

You know that it isn’t the furniture that makes your home, it’s you and your family. However, the furniture in our homes takes a beating and when redecorating, expanding, moving, or getting your first apartment it makes a huge difference in our comfort level. Below is a list of the top furniture stores in Owensboro, KY. Have you ever moved and while everything is still packed, you find yourself standing in your new place wishing you could curl up in your favorite corner of the couch and relax? If not, I am sure you have found yourself at sometime, somewhere wishing for a favorite piece of furniture. It is amazing how dramatically they can affect our life.

Not only will our list of Owensboro, KY area furniture stores have timeless pieces for you to pass generation to generation but they also have those pieces you need to move into your first apartment. Owensboro, KY has an amazing selection to satisfy all tastes and styles or even just to give you ideas for your next DIY project. Many also offer parts for repairs too.

One of the unique things about furniture is not only how many different things the noun covers but also how varying tastes can be. Love that sofa but your significant other hate it? Think that chair is the bee’s knees but your best friend thinks it should be kindling? That is what makes furniture so special and helps us feel even more at home. Even if you aren’t in Owensboro, KY feel free to browse our other lists for more ideas and don’t hesitate to print a picture and take it to your local store. They may be able to get you the exact piece you are dreaming of.


Tom Blue Furniture

Owensboro, KY

Tom Blue Furniture has been a family-owned business since 1938 and is currently specializing in making reproductions of traditional American furniture. Each furnishing at the store is known to be finished with lacquer and hand-rubbed to a soft satin finish as well.


Mudd’s Furniture

Owensboro, KY

The Mudd’s Furniture showroom currently features brand names like Broyhill, Flexsteel, Lane and Jamison. In addition, the Mudd’s Furniture sales team is also known to have more than 50 years of combined experience in the furniture industry.


Hayden Furniture Co.

Owensboro, KY

Hayden Furniture Co. presently carries quality brands such as Norwalk Furniture, Ashley Furniture, Southern Motion, and Specialty Woodworking. Hayden Furniture claims to have been offering quality furniture at amazing prices since 1950.

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