The Best Burger in Maryland

Looking for the best burger in Maryland? It is hard to beat a mouthwatering, melt in your mouth burger. One that has been seasoned and grilled to perfection and topped with flavorful cheese and dressed with your all time favorite fixings. Whether those are crisp lettuce and juicy tomato slices or crunchy pickles and onions, we usually each have our idea of the perfect burger.

Here, we have struggled through our differences of opinion to bring you the most regionally acclaimed burgers we could find in Maryland. To make our top burger list, these burgers had to consistently receive top marks taste test after taste test! This was research we didn’t mind doing, these burgers also were liked by the widest palette of tastes. So give our burger list for Maryland a try. If you find a better burger in Maryland let us know and we will make sure to try it out and weigh it against the competitors.

Also, we would love to hear what you think the best burger is to you, what qualities do you think are most essential? Or do you know of a burger joint that is the best kept secret in Maryland and you want to share your love with the nation? We want to hear it, what you have to say is important to us!


Woodmont Grill

Bethesda, MD

Woodmont Grill is located at Bethesda, .MD. Aside from serving salads, entee plates, soup, and variety of food, it also offers one of the most delicious burgers in Maryland. Their burgers are freshly cook by their chefs, that’s why you are assured that your burgers will satisfy your stomach.


The Abbey Burger Bistro

Baltimore, MD

The Abbey Burger Bistro was named as Maryland’s “Great Burger Joint” by the USA today in 2010. They offer different types of patties such as Black Angus beef, bison, lamb, ostrich, and turkey.


Hempen Hill BBQ

Hagerstown, MD

Hempen Hill BBQ prides itself for being the place where locals go. They offer a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers, and BBQ. Among their burgers, the Chorizo Burger is the most popular because of its hot chorizo sausage and ground beef char grilled ingredients.


Beef n’ Buns Paradise

Frederick, MD

The burgers at Beef n’ Buns Paradise is made from fresh, local beef which is 100% Ground Chuck. There are no fillers and no preservatives added, and all burgers are cooked to order. They also serve BBQ, sandwiches, fries, and ice cream. Beef n’ Buns Paradise has been in business for over 15 years.


Elevation Burger

Frederick, MD

The restaurant is known for its commitment in using USDA-certified, organic, grass-fed, ground-on-premises beef. Elevation Burger is also committed to prepare and serve food that would benefit the customers and the environment as well. All their burger contain 0 trans fat.


Mother’s Federal Hill Grille

Baltimore, MD

Mother’s Federal Hill Grille is an award winning restaurant and tavern located in Baltimore’s Historic Federal Hill area. They have 20 burger selections to choose from which are all served with chips and a pickle.


Hamilton Tavern

Baltimore, MD

Their signature burger is the Crosstown Burger. It is popular because it is made of beef from the Roseda Farms. Other ingredients added to it include shredded lettuce, onion, horseradish cheddar, and spicy bacon. They also offer a Homemade Veggie Burger.


Kooper’s Tavern

Baltimore, MD

Kooper’s Tavern has earned the distinction of “City Paper’s Best Brunch”. Their burgers have also earned the Best Burger award in three different categories. Also, the restaurant features a different special burger each month, as seen on their website.


Alonso’s Loco Hombre

Baltimore, MD

Alonso’s Loco Hombre offers a variety of burgers. Also, there’s a note at the menu that says: “Please be patient, the Alonso’s one pound burgers take time for proper cooking.” This preparation time may be one of the reason why Alonso’s Loco Hombre hamburgers are so good.


Urban BBQ Company

Bowie, MD

While the restaurant mainly serves a wide selection of BBQ’s, they also offer burgers, chicken wings, corndogs, and some desserts. Their Black Angus Burger and their Veggie Burger are among the favorite picks of regulars.