Top Mexican Restaurants in Albany, NY

I’m sure you want to try something different once in a while. Food is a great starting point – we can’t have the same thing to eat every single day! If you’re not a frequent traveler, you might want something that’s exotic, fortunately cultures are quick to share their foods even if they have been someone Americanized, they can still give you an idea of a totally different culture and set of traditions. This is where our list of Mexican restaurants in Albany, NY comes in.

Our Albany, NY list of restaurants offering Mexican food will surely take you to another place without having to travel far! Be ready to enjoy food that has corn, beans, chili peppers, herbs, and spices infused in it. Flavors will range from sweet to hot and mild to extremely spicy! The food will definitely stimulate your senses but that is not the only interesting factor: each Mexican restaurant will also give you the feel of being in a different place with their festive decorations. So whether you are new to Albany, NY or just visiting, explore all the fascinating flavors our list has to offer.

We would like to hear from you too. What is your favorite Mexican restaurant menu offering? Any experiences you’d like to share? We want to hear about any Mexican restaurants in Albany, NY that are worth trying or that we missed! Just remember to be on the list they must have a website we can direct people to.


El Mariachi

Albany, NY

Experience the savor that embraces traditional delicious Mexican and Spanish cuisine. Their specialties include Pollo Al Chipotle, Tacos Al Carbon and Cochinita Pibil, which has also been selected as “Dish of the Year” (Times Union).


Amigos Cantina

Schuylerville, NY

Mexican cuisine with a southwest accent. They’re located just 12 miles from Saratoga Springs. Full bar, great margaritas and outside patio.


El Mexico Restaurant

Saratoga Springs, NY

In El Mexicano Restaurant the aromas of salsa, tamales, enchiladas, and grilled meats fill the air and the ambiance is accented with hand-painted artwork and traditional Mexican touches.


Casa Real Mexican Restaurant

Schenectady, NY

With 20 years of experience in the Mexico restaurant business in Tennessee, on March 12th, 2012, Casa Real Mexican Restaurant opened its doors in Hannaford plaza at Altamont Avenue. Their goal is to provide each one of their customers with delicious Mexican food and excellent customer service.


El Loco Mexican Cafe

Albany, NY

At El Loco they endeavor to bring Albany a melting pot of styles and tastes from various regions of Mexico and the Latina influenced Southwest USA. They serve Mexican food that is healthy to eat. They use fresh chiles, non-irradiated spices and dried chiles from a Spice cooperative, their tortillas are lard-free, and they fry and saute in 100% vegetable oil. All of their food is vegetarian unless it specifically state on their menu that it contains meat or poultry and their beans are vegan.


Hot Harry’s Fresh Burritos

Glenmont, NY

Hot Harry’s has a very basic mission – to serve fast, fresh, affordable food in a clean and comfortable atmosphere. All salsa are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients that are prepared on site using their homemade recipes. From the fresh-squeezed oranges, lime juice, garlic, & oregano used in their Yucatan marinade for their Yucatan-style chicken and their Baja tofu to the chipotle pepper sauce for their Adobo-style chicken, they carefully marinate before grilling them fresh.


Bomber’s Burrito Bar

Albany, NY

Founded in 1997 by Matt Baumgartner on $15,000 on a hand of poker, Bombers Burrito Bar is best known for their famous giant burritos & award-winning wings. They are committed to serving you great food, made from choice ingredients, and shaking you their delicious, premium margaritas & beers.


Salsa Latina Restaurant

Albany, NY

Salsa Latina is located near downtown Albany, here you will find some of the most authentic Latin American dishes. Inspired by the everyday family cooking that they grew up with, you’ll feel at home while savoring a great meal in their casual, fun and relaxed dining room. Experience their inventive cuisine, attentive service, and a friendly atmosphere.

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