Top Mexican Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

I’m sure you want to try something different once in a while. Food is a great starting point – we can’t have the same thing to eat every single day! If you’re not a frequent traveler, you might want something that’s exotic, fortunately cultures are quick to share their foods even if they have been someone Americanized, they can still give you an idea of a totally different culture and set of traditions. This is where our list of Mexican restaurants in Charlotte, NC comes in.

Our Charlotte, NC list of restaurants offering Mexican food will surely take you to another place without having to travel far! Be ready to enjoy food that has corn, beans, chili peppers, herbs, and spices infused in it. Flavors will range from sweet to hot and mild to extremely spicy! The food will definitely stimulate your senses but that is not the only interesting factor: each Mexican restaurant will also give you the feel of being in a different place with their festive decorations. So whether you are new to Charlotte, NC or just visiting, explore all the fascinating flavors our list has to offer.

We would like to hear from you too. What is your favorite Mexican restaurant menu offering? Any experiences you’d like to share? We want to hear about any Mexican restaurants in Charlotte, NC that are worth trying or that we missed! Just remember to be on the list they must have a website we can direct people to.


Monterrey UNCC

Charlotte, NC

Monterrey is the second largest city in Mexico. The city is known for its industries and beautiful scenery. The art of fine cooking is traditional in Monterrey. This is why Mexico’s best chefs, including their own, come from Monterrey.


Cabo Fish Taco

Charlotte, NC

Cabo Fish Taco is the combination of concepts from three completely different people, who share the same idea of what makes a restaurant great. Unlike most Baja styled restaurants, Cabo combines coastal Mexican cuisine with a unique healthy California feel. The food and atmosphere of Cabo is an impeccable infusion of very different styles.



Charlotte, NC

At Miguel’s they specialize in Mexican & American cuisine and drinks at affordable prices. They are conveniently located in Charlotte, NC near the airport. Visit their location page to get directions or see their lunch, dinner, and drink specials.


1900 Mexican Grill

Charlotte, NC

1900 Mexican Grill & Restaurant offers diners warm hospitality and mouth-watering cuisine that will not easily be forgotten. Indulge in a tasty Margarita and catch up after a long week at the office. Offering the best of both worlds 1900 Mexican Grill’s menu features truly authentic dishes from Taqueria style tacos, Mole Poblano & Chiles Rellenos to a more South-Western touch with Fajitas and Chimichangas. And with daily drink specials & Charlotte’s best margaritas, 1900 is the perfect place for after work cocktails or an evening out with friends.


Zapata’s Mexican Restaurant

Charlotte, NC

Mexican Restaurant Zapata’s Restaurant offers the best food and drinks in three of the most beautiful areas in Charlotte, Ballantyne, University and Lake Norman Area. Mexican Restaurant Zapata’s Restaurant offers the best food and drinks in three of the most beautiful areas.


Cantina 1511

Charlotte, NC

Cantina is where foodies flock for authentic Mexican cuisine and cocktails. Their spacious, decorative settings reflect the spirit of the festive country makes it the perfect place to gather for memorable meals and great times.


Azteca Mexican Restaurant

Charlotte, NC

Mexican cuisine continues to be based on and flavored by agricultural products contributed by the Mexicas/Aztecs and Mesoamerica, most of which retain some form of their original Nahuatl names. Today, you can enjoy the richness of their Mexican culture, folklore and specially their traditional food at the Azteca Restaurants in North Carolina. They are proud to be the number one choice for Mexican cuisine in Charlotte, Matthews and Gastonia.



Charlotte, NC

Vida Mexican Kitchen y Cantina, located in uptown Charlotte’s most vibrant corner, hosts an engaging atmosphere, specialty Mexican fare and hospitality alongside handcrafted cocktails, an extensive list of tequilas and their signature Skinny Margaritas. Vida is evolved Mexican cuisine.


Don Pedro Mexican Restuarant

Charlotte, NC

They invite you to visit them and enjoy the special flavor of their food at Don Pedro Mexican Restaurants in North Carolina. Their dishes are prepared with the wonderful spices and art of traditional Mexican food. They are proud to be the number one choice for Mexican cuisine in University Area, South Tryon and Pineville.


Three Amigos

Charlotte, NC

Three Amigos’ menu is extensive and has all your traditional Mexican favorites like tacos and burritos. Their food is served with fresh vegetables, fruits and meat. The delicious food at ridiculously low prices is the main draw.

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